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I am a story-builder, story-teller, solutions finder, creator, collaborator, capable content producer, and someone you should work with. I like to be involved at the inception of the story, I am experienced to lead productions, and I have a great track-record in meeting my deliveries. 

Victoria Evans has been creating award-winning content for over 15 years. Bitten by the storytelling bug early in her career while working in television production, Victoria jumped at the chance to share stories through multiple channels and made the transition into interactive digital content. Her work overseeing digital content development for a variety of media agencies in the Greater Toronto Area has been recognized with over 20 awards and honours. Victoria’s successful shift into the digital realm led to a teaching opportunity with Centennial College, where she instructed post-graduate students and mentored media professionals in strategizing and executing their own next steps into the digital domain.

As much as she loved her time in roles that have included Vice President of Strategy, Partner and Producer, Victoria felt she had something more to offer clients and launched her own consultancy, Digital Vic, in 2017.

A firm believer that the Canadian media industry get stronger through collaboration, Victoria enthusiastically embraces opportunities to exchange knowledge and perspectives with her peers.

She has served as an advisor and evaluator to some of Canada’s largest media funders, including: the OMDC, the Bell New Media Fund, the Independent Producer's Fund and the Canada Media Fund. She is an active member of Interactive Ontario (IO), Women in Film & TV (WIFT-T), and the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA). Victoria was also a contributor on CMF's Trendscape Blog where she offered insights about the impact of technology on audience engagement. She is regularly invited to speak at industry events and conferences.

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